Presentations in English

1st session – Air quality monitoring

Anton Planinšek

Slovenian Environment Agency, Slovenia

Ambient Air Quality in Slovenia

Mag. Benjamin Lukan, Uroš Lešnik

Institute of Public Health Maribor, Slovenia

Air Quality in Maribor – Why Additional Measurements?

DI Gerhard Heimburger

Office of the Carinthian Government Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung, Austria

Fine Dust (PM10) and Benzo(a)pyrene (B(a)P) in Carinthia

Dr. Griša Močnik

Aerosol, Slovenia

Source Apportionment of Black Carbon and Carbon and Carbonaceous Matter within PMinter: Klagenfurt, Maribor, Leibnitz

Dr. Anne Kasper-Giebl

TU Vienna, Austria

Macrotracer Model for Fine Dust Source Mapping (PM10) at 7 PMinter Air Quality Measuring Stations (February 2011)

Dr. Magdalena Kistler

TU Vienna, Austria

Chemical Composition of PM10 from Small-scale Combustion Plants – Factors for the Macrotracer Model

DI Dr. Thomas Brunner

TU Graz, Austria

PM Emission Measurements at Biomass Small-scale Combustion Plants in Carinthia, Southern Styria and Slovenia

2nd session – Impacts on health

Dr. Ivan Eržen

Institute for health protection Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ultrafine Particles in the Ambient Air and Health


Dr. Hans Peter Hutter

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Health Effects of Particulate Matter: Exposure and Research in Austria

3rd session – Modelling

Dr. Rahela Žabkar

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Regional Modelling of Episodes of Excessive Ambient Air Pollution on the Area of Slovenia


Ondřej Vlček

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Chech Republic

Forecasting PM in the Czech Republic

Dr. Ulrich Uhrner

TU Graz, Austria

PMinter Air Quality Simulations – a New Holistic Approach


4th session – Measures

Mag. Tanja Bolte

Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Slovenia

Joint Planning and Implementation of the Air Quality on the Level of the State and the City of Maribor

Brigita Čanč, spec.

Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia

Dr. Marjan Lep

University of Maribor, Slovenia

Preparation of the Ambient Air quality Plan for Maribor

Dr. Marjan Lep

University of Maribor, Slovenia

Low Emission Zone in Maribor

Dr. Wolfgang Hafner

Municipality of the City of Klagenfurt, Austria

Fine Dust Free Klagenfurt? Measures for the Reduction of Air Pollution in the State Capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

DI Dr. Thomas Pongratz

Styrian Government , Austria

The Styrian Clean Air Programme 2011 – Measures to Improve Air Quality

5th session – Best practices

Dr. Ulrich Teichmann

City of Munich, Germany

Ambient Air Monitoring in the State Capital Munich since 2004

Matjaž Čepon

Europlakat, Slovenia

Irena Razpotnik

Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project Bicike(LJ) - Success since 2011 and Expansion Plans

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan - a Strategy for Electro-Mobility in the City Municipality of Ljubljana -ARTICLE